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Visual Identity | Generative typography

The Hepworth Wakefield is a sculpture museum in the north of England. To update the visual identity I focused on the smooth curvature and sculptural form of the insitutions namesake Barbara Hepworths work when creating the logomark. Integral to this new visual system was the creation of a generative letter set based on naturally weathered pepples. I used the Archivist GPT with Midjourney to render these forms.

Create a graphic icon for a staircase going up engraved into a smooth, irregular-shaped pebble. The letter should embody the essence of natural erosion, with soft, rounded curves that mimic the gentle contours of a pebble worn by time and elements. The surface should have a matte finish, reflecting the diffuse light as if seen under the soft glow of the sun. Shadows should be minimal, highlighting the form's volume without sharp contrasts, keeping the graphic quality clean and organic. The composition should be balanced, evoking a sense of calm and stability, just as a pebble rests securely on the ground. The background should be a subtle gradient, suggesting a natural environment where such a pebble might be found --v 6.0